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Can Americans Hold China Responsible?


Tainted dog food and now defects in a product that propels humans at high speeds in vehicles that crash and are known to cause significant injury and death. Chinese tire manufacturer, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., chose not to add a gum strip that binds the treads together. Tire separation in a vehicle propelled at high speeds results in catastrophic accidents; rollovers, and high impact crashes.

A lawyer for the distributor of this dangerous tire gave an excuse for their late reporting of this problem:

Lawrence N. Lavigne, a lawyer for Foreign Tire Sales, said the company did not alert the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the problems until June 11 because officials had no definitive proof of a manufacturing flaw until it was revealed by further testing in May. He said it made no sense to initiate a recall based on suspicions. Jeffrey B. Killino, a personal-injury lawyer from Philadelphia, said the company came forward only after it was named as a defendant in a lawsuit, filed in May, involving an accident in which two construction workers were killed and a third was severely injured when a van rolled over. The lawsuit contended that the accident was caused by tread separation in a Hangzhou Zhongce tire.

I agree. I mean, why initiate a recall of a tire that you know you negligently designed or manufactured? So what you did not install a component that holds all the other components together in a a product operating at dangerously high speeds? Once again, it is profits over safety. Who will hold them responsible for this reckless judgement?

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