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Do you buy or adopt your most devoted life-long friends? Ask Furry Friends


Ask the people at Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic what a truly devoted friend means.

One of the most cherished friends I have ever had was found digging around in the garbage in the middle of a Miami park. When someone went to investigate, he quickly grabbed what garbage he could and ran off for some bushes. The person continued their investigation of him, only to find him feeding the garbage to two nearly dead puppies. The person grabbed the puppies and promptly took them to her car, putting them in the back seat. My friend promptly jumped in before the door could close. At 80 pounds (starved) and over five feet, he did not fit well in the back of the sub, sub-compact car; but the person took him with her anyway. She could not deal with my friend’s size or his overbearing protection of the puppies and she called us to see if we could put him up for a while.

He hated me. Well, he didn’t hate me, he was terrified of me; would not get within 10 feet of me. I told my wife to take him back – he was never going to work out. That night (and for several nights), he lay on the floor sobbing; not howling, or whimpering, but sobbing. My wife slept with him every night.

The long and the short of it was we kept him and he became my best friend. Not my best dog, but my best friend. We were buddies and when he finally walked the Rainbow Bridge and left me, the hole he left in my heart was more than I thought I would ever bear.

So, Tramp will forever be a part of me and I try to fashion my life after his values and what he thought was most important in life. We have “put up” 5 dogs, over 12 cats and untold numbers of kittens since then. All of them were worth it and I have learned something from each of them (except the kittens).

So, if you want a friend that will wait all day for you to come home and greet you as if you are the greatest thing that she has ever seen, licked or smelled in her entire life. If you want the most devoted, unselfish friend you could possible ever have, adopt them into your life.

You will never regret it.

Thousands of friends wait in places like Furry Friends, US Service Animals, Big Dog Ranch and the other loving places. Go see them and take at least one of them home with you.

If you can not “put them up” donate money, food, blankets and whatever else you can spare to make these friend s’ lives just a little more comfortable.

From the bottom of mine and tramp’s heart…Thank you!


A Special Message from Furry Friends:

Furry Friends

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you for believing in Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic and our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and find permanent homes for the animals in our care.  I have been the Executive Director for the past 6 months and feel so fortunate to be surrounded by the most caring and qualified doctors, staff and volunteers. As supporters, I want you to feel the same.  I invite you to make an appointment to meet with me and tour our clinic and adoption center.  In addition to monetary donations, there are many ways to help such as donating items to our thrift store.  Better yet, go bargain hunting there. Volunteer your time by walking our dogs or spending time in our cat room. Fosters are also a critical need for us. We can arrange a visit to our 27-acre ranch in Palm City where we care for horses, goats, pigs and yes, more dogs and cats.

That said, this newsletter brings with it some real concern.  Our financial need has never been greater and we ask for your continued support.  As you may know we are contacted each and every time an animal is found that no other agency will take, and this is a heavy burden to bear.  Having to run an organization’s budgets with no way of knowing what humanitarian undertaking is next, is difficult.   We work diligently day in and day out to save them all.  If every picture tells a story, then please read our success stories below.



Aries …. a magnificent blonde shepherd came to us after his owner died while serving in the armed forces in Afghanistan. With no immediate family, his fellow comrades here in Florida tried to care for him by passing him between their homes until they were re-deployed overseas. He was brought to us after we made a solemn promise to never let him go until we found him his perfect home… and we will! He is healthy, 4 years old, well trained and waiting for the right person or family.  He is usually a bit shy at first and can be standoffish but once he gets to know you, he is loyal and affectionate. His reaction to new faces often makes us wonder if he is waiting for his original owner to return which, unfortunately, will never happen. However, we know his forever home is just around the corner…….

Tiny Tim Today

Tiny Tim Today


Tiny Tim Before Furry Friends

Tiny Tim …approximately 10 months old, Tiny Tim was brought to our ranch in Palm City in July after being dumped out of a car in a rural area.  He was severely emaciated, dehydrated and covered with demodex and scabies. He was also infested with intestinal parasites. As we planned for his arrival, we fully expected him to be withdrawn and guarded, but to our surprise, Tiny greeted us wagging his wound laden and hairless tail.  He craved human love and affection as if immune to the horrible circumstances that led him to us.

He is on the road to recovery and with his healing process almost complete, he will be ready for adoption soon. He is truly a rescue organization’s dream pet because of his lovable disposition which provides endless possibilities in placing him in his forever home. He loves interacting with dogs and given the opportunity, will drop to the ground, belly up, for a rub. Caution…be prepared to stay a while as he basks in the joy of your attention. He will make the perfect family pet and companion. He is available to meet by making an appointment at our ranch.

Phoenix In Training

Phoenix In Training


Phoenix Before Furry Friends

Phoenix … (Thor) who we renamed after we rescued him from Broward ACC, was found tied to a tree after being doused with gasoline and set on fire. Hearing his story touched us and we felt compelled to bring him home to Furry Friends.  His trust and lovable disposition won our hearts.  His healing process was lengthy and would have been very costly had it not been for the generosity of surgeon Dr. Federico Latimer and Biomedtrix, who made his surgery possible.  We are proud to share this picture of Phoenix at the training facility of CAMO (Canines Assisting Military Operators) undergoing his service dog training. When he graduates, he will be partnered with a wounded serviceman and will spend his life with someone that served our country so honorably.  He has indeed risen from the ashes and we could not be more proud!

For more information about us or to DONATE, please visit our website:

You may also donate by copying and pasting the below link to be directed to our PayPal account:

We are a not for profit 501c(3) charitable organization located at:

401 Maplewood Drive, Suite 8
Jupiter, Florida 33458

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Your donations make it all possible and together we will continue forging ahead, toward the happy endings that all animals deserve.


Please call my office at (561) 747-5311 ext. 1 or email me at I will be happy to arrange a convenient time for us to meet.


Patricia Deshong

Executive Director
For The Love Of Animals

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