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Blind Spot Truck Accident? Let Our Florida Truck Accident Lawyer Help


Although recent stats are hard to come by, some unsubstantiated sources claim that blind spot accidents number in the hundreds of thousands each year, while about half of these result in fatalities. The point is, even one is too many since these types of accidents are almost always preventable. Adding to the issue’s urgency is that although trucks are rarely damaged, and truck drivers are rarely seriously hurt, typical smaller passenger vehicles are often very seriously damaged and occupants are often severely injured.

If you’ve been injured, a loved one has been killed, or you have suffered property damage in a trucking accident, let a Florida truck accident lawyer at Searcy Denney help you with your legal claims.

What Are Truck Blind Spots?

As most of us are aware, smaller passenger vehicles have blind spots, especially on the backside corners of the vehicle. These blind spots can be eliminated mainly by properly adjusting your rear-view mirrors, although a quick head swivel is still your best bet.

However, large commercial trucks have much larger blind spots, including:

  • A front blind spot extending about 20 feet ahead of the truck caused by the truck’s height and hood.
  • A rear blind spot extending about 30 feet behind the truck caused by the truck’s length.
  • On the left side of the truck, there is a one-lane blind spot extending between the truck driver’s side window and halfway down the side of the trailer.
  • On the truck’s right side, there is a two-lane blind spot extending between the front of the cab and the front of the truck.
  • The side blind spots both extend out and behind the truck.
  • These blind spots are even more dangerous with tractor-trailers.

How to Avoid Blind Spot Truck Accidents

Most importantly, educate and familiarize yourself with these truck blind spots. Be sure to take particular care when passing trucks on the road. Avoid truck blind spots whenever possible, especially when a truck is turning, changing lanes, or reversing.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), important safety tips include:

  • Taking extra care in passing and being passed by large trucks and buses
  • Staying out of blind spots when a truck or bus is turning, backing up, or changing lanes
  • Staying far behind a truck, as longer following distances are needed for truck drivers to see vehicles behind them. If you can’t see the driver in his or her side mirror, the driver can’t see you.

Allow a Truck Accident Lawyer to Help You if You’ve Been Involved in a Crash

Large commercial trucks can only do so much to avoid accidents; they can’t eliminate blind spots and wide turns. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the drivers of vehicles around large commercial trucks to avoid accidents with trucks. If you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, a Florida truck accident lawyer will handle your insurance and legal claims, which we can discuss during your free consultation. Contact us as soon as possible. We work on a contingency fee basis.

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