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Big Tobacco, Its Lawyers and Things that go Bump in the Night

What is Big Tobacco doing in the Florida tobacco litigation now? They are sending out teams of lawyers and investigators to track down and interview each smoker’s sons, daughters, grandchildren, Aunt Mary, Uncle Bob, the third cousin twice removed, the neighbors, the neighbors neighbors—you get the idea.

Why? Is it desperation? Not enough to do? They yearn for companionship? The reason is to try and obtain information to discredit the claims being brought by smoking victims and their families. To obtain any information; whether a tortured piece of information or not.

Can we blame them? They have manufactured lethal products for decades. They have decieved the entire public, through less than honest advertising. Goodness, they even told us that cigarettes were GOOD for us! They put stars, starlets and, can you believe it, DOCTORS on TV and told us that smoking would make you more attractive, more feminine, and even healthier!

Now the Florida Supreme Court has drawn the line and told Big Tobacco–no more. The Engle decision found that Big Tobacco produced lethal products; that Big Tobacco deceived the public; that Big Tobacco caused the death and illness of smoking victims.

So, why talk to all these people? Big Tobacco is desperate to get a neighbor or distant relative to say: “oh, yeah, Bob could quit smoking anytime, he just didn’t because he loved them so much!” Yeah, Bob loved gasping for his breath or suffering through lung cancer. But, Big Tobacco is desperate, so, can we blame them? Desperate times often cause desperate actions after all.

It is somewhat troubling to hear reports, granted unconfirmed, that Big Tobacco’s “people” may not be clearly identifying who they really are. So, if you are a victim of Big Tobacco and you are represented by an attorney, make sure that you ask for identification from anyone coming around to speak with you. If the “sheep skin” seems to be a bit ill fitting, there may just very well be a wolf lurking inside.

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