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Big Tobacco – Attila the Hun of Corporate America


We do not sue them.

They will run up millions in costs for just one lawsuit, regardless of the actual damages .

They will conduct a scorched earth defense and try to simply wait until the plaintiff dies.

They are a “no holds barred” defendant and are reported to be willing to do anything to wear down a plaintiff and bankrupt their lawyers.

These were some things regularly thought about suing the tobacco industry for decades. You could not stand against Big Tobacco and expect to walk away in one piece.

Then, the Florida Supreme Court issued its Engle decision. The Court found several things we have all known were probably true, but things that Big Tobacco denied and involved science that Big Tobacco controlled:


Because of the Engle decision, victimized smokers from the 1930’s, 1940’s and beyond had the opportunity to bring Big Tobacco to task. The Engle case has allowed everyone to focus on the early to mid-20th century and actually see the documents generated by Big Tobacco that demonstrate fraud, misrepresentation and manipulation.

We can see the diabolically brilliant advertising used to seduce smokers into starting and continuing an addiction that trapped most into a life of servitude to nicotine. We now understand the medical “experts” and scientific studies; all supported by Big Tobacco and all supporting the safety of smoking.

Law firms are now willing to stand toe to toe with Big Tobacco on a fair playing field because the truth is finally out. Lawyers like Hardee Bass, Jim Gustafson, Brian Denney, Jack Hill, Greg Barnhart, Jack Scarola, Laurie Briggs and many others can now walk into a courtroom against Big Tobacco …. and win… and win often.

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