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"Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder"


A cosmetic surgeon once told me that anorexia nervosa was not a disease in this country until the fashion industry made “thin” good. The look of a Renoir  is that for which women used to dream. Now we see news labelling certain States as the 1st most obese, the second, etc. No doubt obesity in our Western civilization has become a very significant health issue. So what has happened and how has it affected our men and women who constantly fight the fat issues of their lives? Companies manufacture over the counter drugs that are sold in grocery stores and drug stores without FDA approval or a physician’s prescription. These companies take advantage of those folks in our country who are unable to lose weight by controlling how much they eat or who are unable to exercise with good nutrition to lose weight. They instantly grab at any over the counter pill that advertises as  a “weight loss” pill or a “fat burner”  that will dissolve away flab without any discomfort from food limitations or exercising. This is risky business.

Today, May 1 2009, the FDA has issued a warning regarding those weight loss pills with  hydroxy as a constituent. They have caused liver failures and undoubtedly deaths and significant disabilities in those victims who have fallen prey to the weight loss pill. The FDA is to be commended for this action and their action should be published across the land so our citizenry can stop taking this pill that is blatently poisonous to the liver. Folks, wen’t live without our livers. It is a filter for all of the substances we ingest and takes the “hit” when we intake something really deleterious. When it is injured it has to be replaced or we die. I hope the public will take these warnings seriously and those corporations who take advantage of those persons who are striving to lose weight should pay for this disaster. It is once again, an example of a corporation putting profits over the safety of their customers. It is hoped that the defanging of the FDA by the Bush administration to protect predatory corporations at the expense of the consuming citizenry of our country will now cease and a new FDA will emerge that will protect the consuming public.

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