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Be Careful What You Write In An E-mail Because It Will Exist Forever Once It Is Sent.


A very dear friend once told me to be careful what you write in a letter, because it could come back to haunt you in the future.  That advice was given to me in the early 1980’s by the CEO of a company in my hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania.  We did not even have e-mail at that time, but his words certainly apply to e-mail in the year 2008.

Unlike ink on paper, which can fade over time, e-mail can last indefinitely.  It is also important to remember that e-mails are almost too easy to write.  A person may feel very passionately about an issue one day, and decide to write and send a fiery e-mail.  However, upon further reflection, that person may regret what he or she has stated in the e-mail.  However, once e-mail has been sent, it is very hard if not impossible to un-send or to take back those words.

So, I would urge whoever reads these words be quick to hear, slow to speak, and even slower to write e-mail.

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