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Avoiding Premises Liability Accidents During Holiday Parties

Personal Injury

During the holiday season, friends and family often connect to celebrate a holiday or throw a New Year’s Eve party. However, what most people never even consider is that hosting a party exposes you to potential risk. You could be held liable for injuries resulting from events at your hosted party. The key is being aware of any risks and fixing them before someone gets hurt.

If you’re injured during a holiday party, and the host is negligent, let the Florida injury attorneys at Searcy Denney help. Any claim against friends or family members can be awkward, but will they be there to help when the medical bills start rolling in?

What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents are the most common accidents you can have on someone else’s property. Generally speaking, slip and fall accidents happen when you slip, fall, and sustain injuries on someone else’s property because the property was not kept in a reasonably safe manner. 

What Kinds of Slip and Fall Accidents Are Most Common During the Holidays?

Holiday parties tend to carry a high risk for three main types of accidents:

  • Unsafe Conditions. Premises liability issues can occur when someone gets hurt on your property and the injury was caused by unsafe property conditions. For example, if you know or you should have known that your walkway has a misplaced brick that can cause someone to trip, you should fix it. Or, if you know your electrical cables cross highly-used walkways, you should move them out of the way. If you do not fix unsafe conditions and someone gets hurt, you can be responsible. 
  • Dog Bites. Florida statute 767.04 governs dog bite injuries. This section sets out the law regarding homeowner liability for injuries caused by a pet dog. A dog owner is liable for damages if the dog bites a guest. It does not matter if there has been past aggressive behavior or prior bites.
  • Alcohol-Induced Accidents. The biggest risk when hosting a party is when people drink too much alcohol. This law is known as the “dram shop” law. In Florida, the dram shop law is found at Florida statute 768.125. Under state law, someone who gives alcohol to a person who is of legal age will not be held liable for injuries caused by the drunk individual, although there are exceptions. Someone who willfully and unlawfully gives alcohol to a person who is underage or is known to be an alcoholic may be found legally responsible. 

Holiday Parties Should Be Enjoyed, But if You’re Injured, Speak to a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Today

We realize that so many of us are looking forward to getting back together with friends and family this year. However, it is important to remain safe at all times. If you are attending a holiday party and you sustain injuries, speak to a Florida personal injury lawyer today. Contact our office to learn how we can help you get the compensation to which you are entitled.

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