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Avoid Becoming Another Victim of Stem Cell Therapy – Do Your Homework

Personal Injury

Stem cell therapy is promoted with bells and whistles by some clinics offering this expensive treatment as a trailblazing and cutting edge form of therapy that may offer magical healing to patients with a variety of different health conditions such as patients with organ failure, a cancer diagnosis, or spinal cord injuries, among other conditions. 

Stem cells create other new stem cells or specialized cells with specific functions such as a brain cell. Stem cell therapy providers advertise that stem cells may be used to regenerate and repair tissues that have been damaged or affected by disease. The stem cells used in this type of therapy may be manipulated to perform specialized functions and then implanted into a patient. However, some patients have experienced adverse side effects after undergoing stem cell treatments. This may be because many stem cell products and treatments have not actually received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a government agency that regulates regenerative medicine

To avoid being another victim of stem cell therapy, be sure to do your research before receiving this treatment. Below is some important information to consider before undergoing stem cell treatment including examples of how stem cell therapy can go wrong. If you suffered injuries from a stem cell therapy treatment, contact a personal injury attorney at Searcy Denney for a legal consultation. Our attorneys have extensive experience working with injured patients. We are here to advocate for you. 

Stem Cell Therapy Dangers to Consider

Because stem cell therapy is still being evaluated and tested by scientists and researchers,  there are many unknown factors and consequences. Some stem cell patients are experiencing strange side effects that were not anticipated. Unfortunately, stem cells can grow irregularly and in an uncontrolled manner. Additionally, stem cells may cause problems with other areas of the body. For example, implanting stem cells could ignite an immune response where the body attacks itself causing complications and unknown consequences.

Before taking part in any stem cell experiment on your body, do your research. There is research available on stem cell therapy that includes important information you should know about these treatments. The FDA also provides information for patients to consider before receiving treatment. If you or a loved one took part in a regenerative medicine treatment, you may consider reporting your case to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program.  

What Are Examples of Stem Cell Treatments Gone Wrong? 

Although fancy marketing brochures hype up stem cell therapy to be healing and regenerative,  unfortunately, some patients are in worse shape after receiving the treatment. Furthermore, some stem cell products cause patients issues because they are contaminated with a communicable disease or bacteria. 

Some patients have made allegations after receiving stem cell treatment that they have become blind, suffered from damaged joints, or experienced brain damage. In a 2018 Mortality and Morbidity Weekly report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed cultures of unopened products from a Florida hospital were identified as being contaminated with E Coli. In response, the CDC issued a nationwide call for reports of culture-confirmed infections in patients who had received the product. According to the CDC: 

“This investigation highlights the serious potential risks to patients of stem cell therapies administered for unapproved and unproven uses other than hematopoietic or immunologic reconstitution . . . . Although the safety and efficacy of stem cells for other than hematopoietic or immunologic reconstitution have not been well established . . ., many companies, clinics, and clinicians continue to market products from various sources as treatment for orthopedic, neurologic, and rheumatologic conditions without FDA approval. Such clinics and providers operate in outpatient settings, which often have less robust oversight of infection control measures, including injection safety and medication preparation . . ., potentially amplifying risk to patients. Therefore, FDA has recommended that patients avoid receiving such products outside controlled clinical studies being conducted under an investigational new drug application; these settings help ensure that appropriate manufacturing and safety reporting procedures are followed . . . .”

Tips for Protecting Yourself From Stem Cell Therapy Gone Wrong

Before undergoing any stem cell treatment, be sure to investigate the treatment, products, and providers thoroughly. Consider the following tips to stay safe:

  • Properly assess the risks and warning labels of a stem cell product before using it. Be skeptical of labels or marketing materials that advertise stem cell therapy and products as low-risk or FDA-approved. The products are still new and risks are still not completely known. 
  • Confirm FDA approval of stem cell products. Do not merely believe what is advertised to you.
  • Closely examine the credentials of the provider of the stem cell product. Is a licensed doctor providing the service?
  • Question high-pressured sales pitches for stem cell therapy. Does the person selling you the product have your best interest in mind or their pocketbook in mind?
  • Ask about the source of the stem cell. Where did the stem cell come from?
  • Inquire about how the stem cells in the product you are using are tested. How are the stem cells screened for diseases?

Stem Cell Lawsuits

If you or a loved one was injured from a stem cell therapy treatment, you may have a claim against the provider or even the manufacturer of the product. An experienced Florida injury attorney can evaluate your case and advise you on the compensation you may be able to obtain for the injuries you sustained such as payment for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering, among other damages. An attorney will help you navigate through the complexities of the legal process every step of the way assisting you through the discovery process to help you collect evidence to build your case and advocate on your behalf.  

Were You a Victim of Stem Cell Therapy? If So, Contact a Florida Injury Attorney for a Consultation

Dealing with injuries associated with stem cell therapy? If so, a Florida injury attorney at Searcy Denney is ready to work with you and help you pursue the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained from the stem cell treatment you received. Our experienced attorneys have helped people injured in accidents recover millions in damages via settlements and court verdicts. Call us toll-free at 800-780-8607 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We have offices conveniently located in Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Tallahassee.

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