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Aspiring Young Musician Tragically Injured by Flying Road Debris


You have seen it.

You have dodged it and…

You have been nearly injured by it.

Dangerous road debris on I95 and other major roadways. It is dangerous to drivers and as 22-year-old Holden Armory has learned the hard way, road debris can be nearly lethal. This young, talented musician was driving down I95 in Boca Raton when a piece of truck wheel flew through his window and tragically gashed his face.

Happily, Holden was not killed by this flying debris, but that possibility was a real one. His mother, Emily Findlay is happy Holden was spared, but also knows he faces hours and hours of surgical procedures to repair the traumatic injuries to the handsome face of her son.

Holden was just beginning an aspiring musical career and had cut his first album when the piece of sheet metal came out of nowhere and smashed through the front window of his vehicle. A witness reports they saw the large piece of metal come off a truck speeding down the expressway, but the identity of the truck and its driver is still unknown.

We hope the state and its instrumentalities begin to strictly enforce trucks with tentative loads. If you drive up on a load that doesn’t seem secure, the Florida Highway Patrol recommends you try to get around it quickly . Also, know your surroundings, what’s on the left and right side of you, so you know where to move if something comes flying toward you. In Holden Armory’s case, though, it came from out of nowhere.

Holden, however, is staying positive in his press conference where he and one of his lawyers exchanged some ironic humor:

“It’s not, like, making me forget how to sing,” Amory said, though Scarola quipped he “may want to switch to heavy metal.”

Not to be outdone, Amory said, “This is my first ‘smash hit,’ I think.”

If you have information about this accident or the identity of the truck or its driver causing this accident on April 29, 2016 at 11 a.m., we encourage you to contact Chris Searcy or Jack Scarola at 561-686-6300 or 800-780-8607.

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