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Ask Your Children to Commit to a Safe Driving Pledge


Safe driving pledge.

Our Pensacola Car Accident Lawyer Discusses What Your Child’s Pledge Could Include

It can be frightening to see your children behind the wheel of a car. Like parents, a Pensacola car accident lawyer knows many things can go wrong while an inexperienced driver is on the road.

One way to help keep new drivers safe is to ask them to sign a pledge to practice good habits and avoid bad ones. You can find different safety pledges online, but a pledge might carry more meaning for your child if you prepare and agree to the terms together. Below are some ideas to consider including in your pledge.

Pledge to Commit to Safe Driving Practices

In a safe driving pledge, it may be wise to start with the positive practices. Often it is easier to take affirmative action than to adopt a negative approach and try to remind yourself to avoid doing something.

A safe driving pledge should encourage your child to wear a seatbelt whenever they are in a car, whether as a driver or passenger. In automobile collisions, a Pensacola car accident lawyer knows seatbelts save lives.

Other affirmative practices that could be included in a safe driving pledge include following speed limits and taking extra precautions when roads are wet or visibility is poor. Finally, your pledge might include a provision specifying that your child will speak up to discourage friends from unsafe driving practices.

Pledge to Avoid Dangerous Behaviors

As a car accident lawyer in Pensacola knows, distractions can be deadly for drivers, particularly those with little experience. A safe driving pledge should include a promise to avoid distractions while driving including:

  • Texting (including use of voice to text programs)
  • Changing music selections
  • Talking on the phone (even with a hands-free device)
  • Allowing too many people in the vehicle
  • Reading social media posts or email
  • Taking photos
  • Putting information into GPS
  • Eating

Besides distractions, the other highly dangerous behavior to avoid is driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For a young driver, there is no such thing as a safe amount of alcohol or controlled substances in the bloodstream. Any amount is too much. And, because tired drivers can be as dangerous as drunk drivers, your child should also pledge to avoid driving while sleepy or fatigued.

Call for a Free Consultation with an Experienced Pensacola Car Accident Lawyer

A safety pledge is a great start, not only for your children, but for you as well. You owe it to yourself to take all available steps to protect your health and the health of your loved ones.

However, sometimes, accidents occur despite all our best precautions. When that happens, it can be very helpful to speak with a knowledgeable Pensacola car accident lawyer. Depending on the situation, you may be eligible to seek compensation from others responsible for the accident. To learn more about your options and the help we can provide, call 888-549-7011 or contact us online today.


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