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Are Used or New Cars in Pensacola More Likely to Be in an Accident?

Car Accidents

Our Pensacola Car Accident Lawyer Shares the Data

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According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are over 6,500 crashes per year in Pensacola and other parts of Escambia County. Moreover, studies also show that about one in every six used vehicles on the market has been involved in a collision. Is there a correlation between a car’s age and the likelihood of being involved in a car accident?

A Pensacola car accident lawyer knows that many factors can contribute to the cause of an accident. Here’s what the data says about new and used cars in auto accidents. 

Crashes Involving Older Cars are More Likely to Be Fatal

Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that drivers and passengers bear a much greater risk of being killed in a car accident if the car is older rather than new. In fact, the risk increases in proportion to the age of the vehicle. 

The percentage of vehicle occupants killed in accidents involving cars that were at least 18-years-old was nearly twice the percentage than for accidents involving vehicles no more than three years old. When analysts look at the model year of cars involved in accidents, the difference is even more pronounced. This data applies not only to cars but to other passenger vehicles as well, including SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. 

The bottom line is that those driving or riding in older cars are at a significantly greater risk of injury if they are involved in an accident. However, certain variables such as seatbelt use account for some of the risks. An experienced Pensacola car accident lawyer could investigate a crash to determine whether the driver of a used vehicle took unnecessary risks or failed to maintain the vehicle properly, contributing to the cause of an accident. 

Car Accident Causes Linked to Older Vehicles

Some of the reasons that car accidents involving older vehicles tend to be more dangerous are also reasons that used vehicles may be more likely to be in a collision. For instance, accidents caused by mechanical failure may be due to worn equipment or improper maintenance. Both of these are statistically more likely to affect older, used vehicles compared to new or recent-model cars.

Even manufacturing and design defects can affect older cars more than new cars because they have been on the road longer and there have been more opportunities for the defects to lead to accidents. A car accident lawyer in Pensacola knows that some cars are designed with poor visibility, for example, and the longer someone drives them, the greater the chances that they will fail to spot another vehicle or pedestrian and cause a collision. 

A Pensacola Car Accident Lawyer Can Determine Liability for an Accident Involving a Used or New Vehicle

When it comes down to it, It is often negligent mistakes by drivers that lead to serious car accidents. A knowledgeable Pensacola car accident lawyer could review the case, ascertain the causes and parties who could be liable and fight to obtain fair compensation for accident victims. To talk to an attorney about your accident, contact us online or call 888-549-7011.

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