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AMO Recalls Lens Solution Linked to Acanthamoeba Infections


On May 25, AMO (Advanced Medical Optics) announced a recall of their “No Rub” solution, Complete® MoisturePlus ™ Multipurpose Solution. Although the company stands by its product and casts the blame on contact lens wearers who “improperly store, disinfect or handle” their contact lenses, the CDC forced them to recall the solution. Two researchers linked Complete users with an unusual incidence of acanthamoeba infection. The rsearchers were University of Illinois at Chicago opthamologists, Charlotte Joslin and Elmer Tu conducted the study.

The infection causes ‘acanthamoeba keratitis” a serious eye condition that can lead to blindness or serious eye injury.

Acanthamoeba keratitis is an eye condition that requires immediate medical attention:

Infection of the cornea by acanthamoeba, a microscopic water-borne ameba. The disease tends to occur in people who wear contact lens. It can accompany a bacterial infection of the eye. Acanthamoeba keratitis can produce corneal ulceration and result in severe loss of vision and even blindness. Signs and symptoms are persistent redness and pain in the eye. Treatment is with multiple antibiotics, often including antifungal drugs, and sometimes surgery after the infection has subsided.

The involved lots of recalled solution include:

FG Item No.

FG Lot No.FG Description
93184ZB03087COMPLETE MoisturePLUS Active Pack
93184ZB03724COMPLETE MoisturePLUS Active Pack
93184ZB03734COMPLETE MoisturePLUS Active Pack
93184ZB03735COMPLETE MoisturePLUS Active Pack
93184ZB03736COMPLETE MoisturePLUS Active Pack
93184ZB03739COMPLETE MoisturePLUS Active Pack
90104USZB02710COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 12oz (360 mL)
90104USZB02714COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 12oz (360 mL)
90104USZB02718COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 12oz (360 mL)
90104USZB02722COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 12oz (360 mL)
90105USZB02746COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 2 X 12 oz
90105USZB02750COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 2 X 12 oz
90105USZB02771COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 2 X 12 oz
90105USZB02792COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 2 X 12 oz
90105USZB02796COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 2 X 12 oz
90105USZB02800COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 2 X 12 oz
90105USZB02804COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 2 X 12 oz
90105USZB03535COMPLETE MoisturePLUS 2 X 12 oz

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