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A Look at Some of the Worst Pileups in US History

Car Accidents

Multiple cars in an accident

It’s amazing how one small action of someone can lead to a cascade of bigger consequences. One wrong lane change could be the catalyst in a multi-vehicle accident. One slick curve on a rainy day could be the culprit of a newsworthy accident. One car turned left from a shopping center without looking… you get the idea. 

This blog explores some of the worst automobile accidents in the history of the United States of America. The scope of these accidents is astonishing, but they all have something in common with the millions of vehicle collisions that occur every year: they start with one small action. 

Let these examples be a reminder to you and your loved ones to drive a little more attentively today – and be a little more aware of the conditions and drivers around you.

If you’ve been involved in an accident recently and suffered injuries, whether the accident involved one car or one hundred, consider contacting a Florida auto accident attorney at Searcy Denney today. Our attorneys have extensive experience working with people hurt in car accidents, including multi-car auto accidents, and they can help explain the legal remedies available to you for the injuries you sustained. Call us today for a free case evaluation with a Florida auto accident attorney.  Our attorneys are here to help.

Near Coalinga, California: Dust Storm

Interstate 5 is one of the busiest roads in the nation, especially on or near the holidays – including the day after Thanksgiving. In 1991, a strong wind kicked up dust in a drought-stricken region of the San Joaquin valley. The severe conditions quickly reduced visibility to near-zero – and massive pile-ups ensued.

When the dust settled, 33 collisions had taken place involving 153 vehicles and 11 tractor-trailers. Sadly, 151 people were injured and 17 died. California residents were left wondering how to prevent a similar incident in the future. If you or a loved one experienced a serious auto accident like this one, contact an experienced Florida auto accident attorney at Searcy Denney. We can help you determine who was at fault and help you obtain the damages you sustained from a multi-car accident. 

Carroll County, Virginia: Dense Fog

On an early spring afternoon in Carroll County, Virginia, on Interstate 77 at the 6-mile marker, a dense fog set in – and a series of collisions took place. The worst was a multi-vehicle pileup in which the cars caught fire.

Over 95 vehicles were involved in a series of accidents. Unfortunately, several people were injured and died in this brutal multi-vehicle accident.  So many vehicles were undriveable that the county had to use public school buses to transport motorists to nearby shelters. 

The main cause of the crashes in this accident was drivers traveling too fast for the severe foggy conditions.  Unfortunately, the decision to drive too fast in dangerous conditions like this one caused fatalities. 

Jefferson County, Texas: More Dense Fog

Because of the increase in traffic, accidents tend to increase around the holidays.  In another Thanksgiving travel incident, a multi-car wreck occurred on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 in Jefferson County, Texas. Many chain reaction collisions then quickly followed, including several on the westbound lanes of the interstate. Over 100 vehicles were involved yielding several injuries and some fatalities. 

Two people died, and as many as 120 injured people were transported to nearby hospitals to receive treatment from this multi-vehicle accident. As a result, the highway was closed for many hours after this accident.  

A contributing factor to this accident was again dense fog that set in and made it difficult for drivers to see. Driving too fast in foggy conditions is dangerous. When fog sets in, be sure to slow down. Your life and your loved ones’ lives are worth taking the extra time to get to your destination safely.

Schoharie, New York: Limousine Crash

Not all serious accidents are caused by dangerous weather conditions. 

In October 2018, Axel Steenburg rented a late-model Ford Excursion limo to celebrate his wife’s 30th birthday party. Eighteen people piled into the car and headed to a brewery. Tragically, the brakes in the Ford Excursion limo failed, and the limo hurtled down a hill at high speeds before running a stop sign and crashing into a ravine. All of the occupants in the limo were killed, as well as two bystanders. It was later reported that the limo was allowed to operate in spite of the owner’s knowledge of brake issues. The limo company’s owner later pled guilty to criminal charges.

Denver, Colorado: Winter Weather Pileup

In another serious accident in Denver, Colorado, a late winter snowstorm made for treacherous driving on a particularly busy section of Interstate 25, just north of Denver. The motorists were driving too fast for the winter conditions and weren’t able to stop in time to refrain from adding to the pileup. Over 104 vehicles were involved in this pileup, causing 30 people to be taken to three hospitals, and one person died. 

The major pileup had a ripple effect on traffic throughout the Denver metro area. The northbound interstate was closed for almost five hours and traffic was at a standstill for more than a mile after the crash due to the severity of the accident. The main cause of the accident appeared to be vehicle operators driving too fast in the snowy conditions. 

Were You Injured in a Multi-Vehicle Accident? If so, A Florida Auto Accident Attorney Can Help 

Were you injured in a multi-car accident and have questions about your case? If so, a Florida auto accident attorney at Searcy Denney is ready to help you get the results you deserve. One of our experienced attorneys can listen to what happened and help you determine if you could be entitled to damages. Call us toll-free at 800-780-8607 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Florida auto accident attorney. We have offices conveniently located in TampaWest Palm Beach, and Tallahassee.

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