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2012 Voting in Palm Beach County, Florida


Two Words this election season: Vote Early!!

I have regularly voted on Election Day. There is nothing wrong with the early voting process and absentee voting is quite fine as well. In fact, this year, I strongly recommend you consider to early vote or vote by absentee ballot. Go to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections site for good information.

This year, though, if you are not early voting or voting by absentee ballot…pack a lunch and join me. The ballot is going to be long…very long. Palm Beach County’s ballot could be 3, 4 or 5 pages long in fact.

Stay with me though…it’s important!

When ballots are long, elections suffer from a large percentage of what is called “under voting”. Under voting occurs when voters do not complete their ballot and stop somewhere before the very end. Under voting is a big problem and, more importantly, it speaks to a conscious decision about our lack of commitment to the country, our state and our local government.

Voting is the single, most important act any American will do in a Democracy; it is the ultimate “free speech”. Sure, because we are fortunate enough to live in a free country, I can stand on a street corner and make any speech (within reason) that I want. But, voting is that one act of free speech, which actually allows me to make a difference.

So, this year, consider:

  • Read about ALL the candidates.
  • Decide early on about your selection of candidates.
  • Read about all the amendments on the ballot and make an early decision on them.
  • If you are voting on Election Day take a sample ballot with you with all the votes you want to make clearly indicated.
  • Finish the WHOLE BALLOT. Stick it out and don’t stop short.
  • To all of you voters, thank you for exercising one of your most important of all civic duties.

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