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10 Ways to tell a lawyer knows nothing about eDiscovery


10.     Thinks a “legal hold” is a marriage license.

9.       Thinks a megabyte is a sandwich served at McDonalds; a gigabyte is a double with cheese.

8.       Thinks proportionality involves yearly shareholder bonuses.

7.       Thinks email is not useful for discovery.

6.       Thinks metadata is the most useful area of discovery because he heard it at a seminar.

5.       Thinks Facebook, Instagram, and blogs are nothing to worry about in discovery.

4.       Thinks collecting, culling and coding are terms you use on a cattle ranch.

3.       Thinks that full text searching is the cutting edge for managing large discovery projects.

2.       Tells his client to “clean up” his Facebook page and get rid of the bad stuff.

1.       Thinks the cloud is pretty.


Judge with lorgnette

EDiscovery what?


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