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John Hopkins

Yet Another Recall: Ford Just Recalled 3.6 Million Vehicles

» Written by // August 3, 2007 //

Apparently fires have been linked to faulty cruise control systems in a variety of Ford’s vehicles, including: Ford Ranger, Explorer, Taurus, a number of their van models, pick up models, Lincoln Mercury vehicles, and a number of other models.

The model years range from 1992 to 2007; leading one to believe that Ford has known about this problem for sometime. Ford spokesman, Dan Jarvis stated: “Customers remain concerned about the long-term durability of the speed control system and about the safety of their vehicles,” One would imagine that customers would show some concern for racing down the road with flames coming from their engine compartment.

To aggravate the apparent delay in the recall, the part that requires replacement costs approximately $29. It has been reported that a 74 year old woman was tragically killed in a fire caused by a faulty switch. Darletta Mohlis lost her life and her husband was injured.

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