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Legislative Action

Legal Terms Made Simple

As U.S. Agencies Put More Value on a Life, Businesses Fret

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces Federal Ban on Texting for Commercial Truck Drivers

Hospital Ignored Teen’s Hypertension, Causing Permanent Eye Damage and Loss of Both Kidneys

$7.8 Million Verdict Against Big Tobacco

Bank’s Auditor, Ernst & Young, Ordered to Pay $17.2 Million for Accounting Malpractice

Mentally Disabled Young Man Sent to Jail by Hospital Staff with Tragic Results

SDSBS Attorneys Pursue Justice for Victims of Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

Simple Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Burns Cornea and Leaves Woman Blind in One Eye

F.D.A. Reveals It Fell to a Push by Lawmakers

Statistics Show Medical Malpractice Cases Are Not an Easy Windfall for Plaintiffs

Federal Agency Plans Distracted Driving Forum

Senate Approves Tight Regulation Over Cigarettes

Editorial: F.D.A.’s Secret Files

New Federal Roof Crush Standard Falls Short

Lake Worth Man’s Lawsuit Over Priest Abuse Settled

FDA Scientists Letter to President Obama

Medtronic Says Wires May Have Had Role in 13 Deaths

Some SUV’s Don’t Do Well on Safety Tests

Defibrillator Recall Raises More Concerns About FDA’s Competency

Court Upholds Public Access to Crash Data

Searcy Denney Attorneys Tackle Manufacturers of Life-Threatening Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices That Cause Harm to Many

Commercial Drivers – Certification Process for Drivers with Serious Medical Conditions

New National Poll Shows Americans Dislike Larger, Heavier Trucks on U.S. Highways

‘Catastrophic’ Failure Leads to Seat Recall

Potential for Harm in Dietary Supplements

FDA Warns Individuals and Firms to Stop Selling Fake Cancer ‘Cures’

Airborne Agrees to Pay $23.3 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over False Advertising of its “Miracle Cold Buster

Accusations of Delays in Releasing Drug Results

Feds failing to protect public from death and disability risks in rollover crashes

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