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What to Do After a Florida Car Accident

Car Accidents

A Car Accident Can Be Overwhelming. Here’s What to Know

Immediately following a car accident, adrenaline will likely be surging through your body, and emotions will be running high. You need to remain calm and keep your wits about you. Do not get aggressive with the other driver – not only do you want to avoid an altercation, but you also do not want them to become defensive and deny any responsibility for the accident. Below are the other steps you’ll need to keep in mind. 

Contact the Police and a Tallahassee Accident Lawyer

You should contact the police and report the accident immediately, even if no one appears to be seriously injured or your vehicles are drivable. For one, the police will secure the accident scene and make it safe. More importantly, the police will prepare an accident report that will reflect the details of the accident and the parties involved. It may also indicate who was at fault. The accident report may be critical if you need to pursue a claim later on. Once the report is made, seek legal guidance from a skilled auto accident attorney as soon as possible. You may have several options available to you under the law.

Exchange Insurance and Contact Information with the Other Driver

You will need to get the following information from the other driver: 

  • Name, address, phone numbers, and email address
  • Insurance company, name of insured, and policy numbers
  • Make, model, and color of their vehicle

Most of this information should be reflected on their auto insurance card. Regardless, you should also ask to see their driver’s license just to make their identity and information. If they seem reluctant or unable to produce either of these documents, be sure to get the license plate number of their vehicle and their contact information. 

Document the Scene of the Accident

You should make an effort to document the accident scene to the extent you can. Use your smartphone’s camera to take pictures of the following: 

  • Damage to both vehicles
  • Any injuries you may have suffered
  • Any relevant signage

Take pictures from multiple angles and different perspectives. If you need to make a claim later on, you may need close up photos and pictures that depict the overall scene. An experienced Tallahassee auto accident lawyer can review your images and determine which ones will help build your claim. 

Identify the Witnesses

If there were witnesses to the accident, ask them to provide you with their name and contact information. Because they have no stake in the outcome of the case, their statements can carry a lot of weight and credibility. Let them know that you may be contacting them soon to make a statement. If you need to pursue a claim for your injuries, a Tallahassee auto accident lawyer can help you get their statement. 

Seek Medical Attention

It’s not uncommon for people to feel “fine” immediately after a car accident and decline an ambulance. You should not decline the ambulance if you are seriously injured. However, if you did not receive medical attention at the scene or did not go to the ER immediately after, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is not uncommon for accident victims to begin experiencing pain and other symptoms in the days following your accident. 

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