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What Makes a Good Personal Injury Lawyer in Tallahassee?

Personal Injury

Professional liability on a court table.

A Tallahassee professional liability lawyer helps clients who suffer losses when their attorney did not adequately represent their case. As someone who sees what happens when a lawyer fails on the job, a professional liability attorney also knows the difference that results when a case is handled correctly.

So, when you are looking for a good personal injury lawyer, consider some suggestions from a professional who has seen the outcome from many of the best as well as the worst.

Our Tallahassee Professional Liability Lawyer Knows it All Starts with Attitude

Some people view their job as a way to earn money and help themselves. Other people view their job as an opportunity to help others. You will find these people in the legal field just as in every other business.

A good personal injury lawyer is one who is motivated to help others. How can you tell? While you cannot read the mind of your prospective legal advisor, our Tallahassee professional liability lawyer can offer a few clues to watch for:

  • Does the attorney take the time to listen to you? Your case is unique, and your lawyer needs to understand why to provide the best representation.
  • What do past clients say about this attorney? If reviews from clients indicate that the lawyer made them feel less important than an upcoming tee time, it might be best to look elsewhere.
  • Does the attorney answer your calls or messages promptly? A lawyer who fails to respond to you may also not be so great at responding to requests from the court either.
  • Is the attorney willing to explain things that you do not understand? This is your case, and you deserve to know what is happening and why.
  • What do other lawyers say about this attorney? Tallahassee’s legal community is much smaller than you might imagine, and word spreads when a lawyer does something right—or wrong.

Overall, if you have contacted an attorney, it is better to trust your gut instinct than to rely on what law firms have paid advertisers to say about them.

Courtroom Experience is Critical Even if You Do Not Go to Court

Most personal injury cases settle before they go to trial. Nevertheless, a Tallahassee professional liability lawyer knows that a good personal injury lawyer is one with plenty of successful courtroom experience.

First, attorneys who succeed in court know how to build and present a case to achieve optimum results in settlement negotiations and at trial. Additionally, insurance companies and opposing attorneys know which lawyers will press on to trial if they do not feel that a settlement offer is the best deal for their client. They are more likely to offer these experienced attorneys a fair settlement early on.

If Your Personal Injury Lawyer Failed to Live Up to Obligations, Talk to Our Tallahassee Professional Liability Lawyer

Every attorney in Tallahassee has an obligation to provide legal services that meet professional standards. If your lawyer has failed in that regard, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Tallahassee professional liability lawyer can review your situation and explain your options. To talk to one of our attorneys, contact us now online or call 888-549-7011 for a free consultation.

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