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Professional Liability

Florida Professional Liability Law Firm Protects You

people shaking handsWhen you hire a licensed professional, you expect that the services you receive will meet the accepted industry standards. But that’s not always the case. Professional negligence can happen in many settings, and exposes the negligent party to professional liability.

A professional is a person who has advanced training, skills and knowledge in a particular area and often is licensed in that area. Clients and customers rely on this professional status for the expertise they are seeking, whether hiring an architect to design a building or a CPA to determine income tax obligations.

Accountants, architects, attorneys, engineers, financial advisers, real estate agents, stock brokers, and a myriad of other professionals are required to look out for their clients’ best interests. They owe a standard of care to the clients they are paid to represent. So if a client is harmed by a professional’s negligence in meeting that standard of care, the client may be entitled to compensation.

Searcy Denney Represents Clients in Matters of Professional Liability

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As a law firm with a national reputation, we strive for the highest degree of professional responsibility ourselves. So we understand, inside and out, the processes and consequences of professional liability. Our clients trust us to investigate the situation thoroughly, to determine what is fair, and to pursue justice aggressively on their behalf.

Although honest mistakes can happen in any profession, professionals can be liable for damages if a plaintiff can prove that they deviated from the established standard of care required in the profession.

To prove professional negligence, a Florida personal injury lawyer must obtain testimony from a person who is an expert in the area of professional practice at issue. If the case is not resolve and goes to trial, the expert will explain the profession’s customary standard of care to the judge and jury, and offer an opinion about whether or not the defendant deviated from that standard of care.

Like Other Professionals, Attorneys Have Ethical Obligations

Judge speaking to plaintiffsIn any attorney-client relationship, the law has both an ethical and professional responsibility to offer competent legal representation. An attorney commits malpractice when he or she fails to provide the level of care and skill that is expected in the field of law. If an attorney falls down on the job due to negligence, you may be entitled to compensation if the lawyer’s negligence has caused actual harm.

Attorney negligence is difficult to prove; not all mistakes fall into the category of attorney malpractice. As long as a lawyer’s decisions are based on an evaluation of the facts and a reasonable interpretation of the law, it is unlikely that you can make a case for negligence. You must be able to show that an attorney’s mistakes caused you to lose your case, and that you would have been able to collect damages if not for the attorney’s mistake.

Contact Our Florida Professional Liability Lawyers About Your Case

Every West Palm Beach and Tallahassee attorney in our firm recognizes the important of professionalism and the grave impact professional negligence has on clients. We believe that it is imperative to hold a negligent professional accountable for his or her wrongdoing. Our lawyers are always ready to investigate your claim and to fight for your right to recovery. If your issue is not otherwise resolved, our trial attorneys are not afraid to try your case in court against even the most powerful individuals or corporations.

If you believe you have been harmed by a professional’s negligence or have questions about a situation that may involve professional liability, please complete our Contact Form or call us directly at 1-800-780-8607 to schedule an appointment for a free confidential consultation.

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