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Of Counsel Vol. 18 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • Tractor-trailer/minivan collision results in $5 million settlement
  • Chris Searcy honored with Anti-Defamation League Award
  • Patient loses eyesight when medical center fails to protect him
  • Impaired driver rear-ends vehicle resulting in $750,000 in damages
  • Emergency care facility fails to diagnose clear indications of spinal damage
  • Sorin Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler bacteria lawsuits coordinated in Pennsylvania
  • Stryker V40 cases are moving toward bellwether trials
  • Red-light runner “t-bones” another car, seriously injuring its driver
  • Victims of uninsured motorist’s car crash reached settlement with their own insurance company
  • Confused and disoriented patient dies when ignored by rehab facility staff
  • Law professor awarded $222,717 for breach of contract
  • SDSBS attorneys listed in “2017 Top 10 Medical Malpractice Verdicts”

Of Counsel Vol. 17 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • $1.55 million jury verdict won against negligent surgeon
  • Serious hip fracture in slip-fall accident results in long, difficult recovery
  • $1 million settlement for neck injuries suffered for years after traffic accident
  • Rapid IV replenishment of sodium results in baby’s death
  • Mass Tort highlights for 2nd quarter 2017
  • Horrific accident kills grandparents; three-year-old sole survivor suffers severe trauma for years
  • Uninsured motorist policy helps recovery for neck injuries in traffic accident
  • Nineteen SDSBS attorneys listed as Super Lawyers in 2017

Of Counsel Vol. 17 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • Searcy Denney earns historic victory in Florida Supreme Court
  • Second national settlement successfully negotiated by SDSBS and the Mass Tort Team
  • Uninsured motorist slams into driver causing neck and back injuries
  • Failure to properly monitor LASIK patient results in permanent damage
  • Failure to respond with emergent intervention results in death
  • Accident caused by tractor driver interrupts cancer treatment and results in over $3 million award
  • 15 “Best Lawyers” & “Best Law Firm” in America 2017

Of Counsel Vol. 16 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • UPS semi-trailer truck rear-ends dump truck killing driver, passenger
  • Worker’s fall in unmarked elevator shaft causes permanent brain damage
  • Motorcycle crash permanently injures professional marine captain
  • A Guide for Florida Voters
  • College student killed in collision
  • Mass Tort Highlights for 2nd Quarter 2016

Of Counsel Vol. 16 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • $23.1 million jury award for victim of police shooting
  • $16 million award for two misdiagnoses that caused permanent blindness and paralysis
  • CVN’s ‘Super Six of 2015’ includes Beber v. MDVIP
  • Florida Supreme Court reverses Court of Appeal allowing litigation of claims against UPS
  • Mass Tort Highlights for 2015
  • Traffic crash victim recovers claims under uninsured motorist coverage from reluctant insurance company
  • Wrong prescription of pain medication results in death
  • Negligent care and incompetent diagnosis leads to patient’s death

Of Counsel Vol. 15 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • 16 SDSBS lawyers named 2016 “Best Lawyers”
  • $6.2 million award for horrific injuries caused by motorcycle crash
  • Surgeon’s use of improper heart valve during surgery results in death
  • 26-year-old college student permanently paralyzed in truck accident
  • Doctors performed cardioversion procedure without blood thinners
  • Violent car crash leaves victim in hospital and rehabilitation facility for almost six months
  • Guidance counselor successfully challenges school district because of supervisor’s sexual harassment

Of Counsel Volume: 15 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • Event management’s failure to comply with safety procedures results in death of power boat racer (page 1)
  • Truck tire explodes causing fatal multiple-vehicle crash on I-95 (page 7)
  • Insurance company insolvency leaves garbage company uninsured in truck-bicyclist fatal accident (page 9)
  • Substandard car repair results in brake failure (page 5)
  • Trouble drives through open gates (page 3)

Of Counsel Volume: 15 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • $8.5 million awarded for medical service’s negligence, fraud, and false advertising
  • Confidential settlements on SDSBS mass tort actions involving defective drugs and medical devices
  • Uninsured motorist coverage provided protection for accident victim
  • Young girl seriously injured in fall from horse with violent history
  • Hospital misdiagnosed woman’s life-threatening drug reaction after knee replacement surgery

Of Counsel Volume: 14 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • $1 billion national settlement reached in Stryker hip replacement lawsuits
  • $15.5 million award in SDSBS’s 13th verdict against Big Tobacco
  • $13.1 million award in SDSBS’s 14th verdict against Big Tobacco
  • Woman wins verdict against underinsured driver and insurance companies
  • Accident victim battles his own insurance company and uninsured motorist
  • Florida regulates commercial parasailing industry for the first time

Of Counsel Volume: 14 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • $20 million verdict won by SDSBS against Big Tobacco
  • Over $2 million award for injuries in truck-motorcycle accident
  • Aide’s refusal to help woman results in fall and serious injury
  • Death of 17-year-old impaired driver leaves parents devastated
  • Serious injury caused by fall on improperly constructed handicapped parking space and ramp
  • Patient just out of surgery, left alone and clearly at risk, falls and breaks her hip

Of Counsel Volume: 14 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • $10 million verdict for injuries caused in multi-vehicle accident
  • $2.5 million awarded for death resulting from nicotine addiction
  • Doctors lack of caution results in irreversible brain damage
  • Reckless indifference and failure to provide basic mental health care result in patients tragic suicide
  • Gas station repeatedly ignored leaking pump despite numerous warnings of danger of explosion
  • Florida Supreme Court rules caps on damages unconstitutional
  • Reckless assumptions and miscommunications by medical personnel lead to patients untimely death
  • GM recalls 2.6 million cars with defective ignitions, which left drivers vulnerable to front airbag failure

Of Counsel Volume: 13 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • $5.8 Million Awarded in the Tenth SDSBS Engle Case Win Against Big Tobacco
  • Be Your Own Advocate
  • After More than 13 Years, Florida’s First District Court of Appeal Affirms Judgement Against Shands at Live Oak
  • Chris Searcy and Karen Terry in ‘Elite’ Top Attorney List by Florida Trend Magazine
  • $1.2 Settlement for Painfull Injuries to Couple Caused by Mall’s Failure to Maintain Escalator
  • SDSBS Wins Case of Negligence by Property Management Company and Condo Association
  • SDSBS Attorney Mara Hatfield Publishes Article about Admissibility of Expert Testimony
  • Untreated Side Effects from Anesthesia During Surgery Cause Permanent Brain Damage
  • Best Lawyers in America 2014 Recognizes SDSBS Attorneys

Of Counsel Volume: 13 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • Negligence by property management company results in $12 million award to boys family
  • Ignored or disabled ventilator alarm results in death
  • SUV abruptly turns across bicyclists path causing collision, serious injury
  • Chris Searcy selected one of 500 Leading Lawyers in America by Lawdragon
  • SDSBS attorneys reconstruct accident details to prove how it happened, resulting in $1.5 million settlement
  • Chris Searcy 40-year member of Florida Bar
  • Brian Denney invited to join the American Board of Trial Advocates

Of Counsel Volume: 13 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • $5.5 million awarded to family of smoker with 40-year addiction
  • Brain-injured child makes strides against all odds
  • U. S. Supreme Court denies Big Tobacco’s request to reverse SDSBS wrongful death case
  • Roofing company’s failure to provide jobsite safety and supervision results in severe injuries to worker
  • Frayed cable breaks, dumping two tons of cement blocks on worker
  • Attorney at Law Magazine – Chris Searcy, Attorney of the Month
  • Thirteen SDSBS Attorneys Selected for Best Lawyers in America 2013

Of Counsel Volume: 12 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • Failure to Monitor Mother and Baby During Labor Results in Severe Damage
  • Misfilled Methadone Prescription Causes Woman’s Death
  • Jack Scarola: Outstanding Attorney in 2012 Super Lawyers Business Edition
  • Lack of Guidance on Operation and Safe Use of Rental Equipment Results in Serious Injury
  • SDSBS Attorneys Receive Recognition at the Florida Justice Association’s Annual Convention
  • Insurance Company Tries to Avoid Obvious Liability for Severe Auto Accident
  • Meeting Corner: Mara Ritchie Poncy Hatfield
  • SDSBS Attorneys Listed as “Florida Legal Elite” by Florida Trend Magazine

Of Counsel Volume: 12 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • Big Tobacco Finally Compelled to Pay After Lengthy Appeals
  • Uncleaned Floor Causes Woman to Slip and Fall
  • SDSBS Attorneys Board Certified for Over 25 Years
  • Man’s Death Results from Nurse Ignoring Clear Signs of Curable But Life-Threatening Condition
  • Big Tobacco’s Glass House of Deceit Continues to Crumble As Two More Engle Progeny Judgments Are Affirmed
  • Rotted Tree Falls During Storm, Injuring Woman
  • SDSBS Attorneys Recognized by Florida Super Lawyers
  • Pat Quinlan Receives “Non-Profit Award” by PBC Legal Aid Society

Of Counsel Volume: 12 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • Horrific Crash Caused by Tired Truck Driver Results in $17.5 Million Settlement for Family
  • Multi-Million Dollar Verdict Increased on Appeal
  • South Florida Legal Guide 2012 Edition Selects SDSBS as a Top Law Firm and Eight SDSBS
  • Attorneys as Top Lawyers
  • Improper Electrical Wiring Results in Worker’s Death
  • Eighth SDSBS Victory in Engle Progeny Trials
  • Ninth SDSBS Victory in Engle Progeny Trials
  • Your Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents
  • Jack Scarola Recognized for his 30-Year Fight to Help the Homeless
  • Failure to Monitor Antibiotic Therapy at Nursing Facility Results in Death
  • Distracted Driving – A Few Deadly Dangerous Seconds
  • Young Woman Dies in Auto-Truck Collision
  • Active Senior Injured by Grocery Store Carts

Of Counsel Volume: 11 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • Florida Jury Finds Aviation Services Giant Liable for $4.3 Million
  • An Advertised ‘Stroke Hospital’ Proves To Be No Such Thing
  • Three SDSBS Attorneys selected for Membership in the Prestigious American Inns of Court
  • Inadequate Pedestrian Barriers Create Dangerous Fall Situation at Retail Store
  • An Advertised ‘Stroke Hospital’ Proves To Be No Such Thing
  • Unrestrained Dog Creates Mayhem Causing Injury to Neighbor and Liability on Owner
  • Ten SDSBS Attorneys Selected for Inclusion in ‘The Best Lawyers in America 2012’
  • Inadequate Pedestrian Barriers Create Dangerous Fall Situation at Retail Store
  • Diabetes Drug, Approved by FDA, Has Very Serious Undisclosed Side Effects

Of Counsel Volume: 11 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • Super Bowl Weekend Ends in Tragedy
  • $3.4 Million Awarded in the Fifth SDSBS Engle Case Filed Against Tobacco Industry
  • Car v. Pedestrian: $600,000 Settlement for the Pedestrian
  • Rear End Collision Causes Spine Injury and Chronic Pain
  • Gas Price Relief
  • Ten SDSBS Attorneys Recognized as “2011 Super Lawyers”
  • Chris Searcy Elected President of Florida Supreme Court Historical Society
  • Cal Warriner Appointed to the Rules of Judicial Administration Committee of The Florida Bar
  • Jim Gustafson Awarded “2010” Trial Lawyer of the Year” by the American Board of Trial Advocates
  • Sia Baker-Barnes One of “2011 South Florida Women Extraordinaire”
  • Hardee Bass Appointed Member of Board of Directors of Young Lawyers Section of Florida Justice Association

Of Counsel Volume: 11 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • $80 Million Verdict Over Big Tobacco
  • Community’s Failure to Honor Contract Results in $4 Million Settlement for Developer
  • Insurance Company Tries to Avoid Good Faith Claims
  • Talented Young Driver with Racing Future Killed in Road Crash Caused by Wanton Recklessness
  • DePuy Hip Implants: Another Johnson & Johnson Recall
  • Couple Battles Insurance Company for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection
  • Verdict Against Insuror is Nine Times the Settlement Offer for Uninsured Motorist Claim
  • A Story of Betrayal Without a Happy Ending
  • Is the Driver Speeding Toward You Adequately Insured?
  • Nine SDSBS Attorneys Recognized by Peers As “Best in Their Field” in Best Lawyers in America 2011
  • South Florida Legal Guide 2011 Edition Selects SDSBS as One of Their “Top Law Firms” and Nine SDSBS Attorneys as “Top Lawyers”
  • “Top Ten Jury Verdicts” Awarded to SDSBS Attorneys for $80 Million Victory in Class Action Tobacco Case

Of Counsel Volume: 10 No.3
In this Issue:

  • SDSBS: 3, Big Tobacco: 0
  • Negligent Truck Driver Caused Traffic Accident, Severely Injuring Other Driver
  • Class Action Settlement Raises Questions About the Deceptive Practices of Other Propane Providers
  • Ignoring Warnings of Severe Infection, Hospital Proceeds with Elective Surgery
  • Failures to Diagnose Condition in High-Risk Pregnancy Resulted in Mother’s Tragic Death
  • Potentially Lethal Combination of Drugs Used to Treat Spider Bite Caused Permanent Damage
  • Help Stop Government Waste
  • SDSBS and Nine Attorneys Named “Best Firm” and “Lawyers” by U.S. News-Best Lawyers’ Publication
  • Chris Searcy selected as one of Lawdragon Magazine’s 2010 list of “500 Leading Lawyers in America”
  • Seriously Injured Bicyclist Learns the Importance of Having Uninsured/Underinsured Motor Vehicle Insurance

Of Counsel Volume: 10 No.2
In this Issue:

  • $21 Million Verdict Won After Proving Tobacco Companies Intended Nicotine Addiction
  • SDSBS Attorney Chris Searcy Inducted as President of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers
  • Disregard of Physical Therapy Evaluation Results in Neurological Impairment
  • FairDistricts Amendments 5 and 6: A Vote to Restore Real Democracy in Florida
  • Physician Ignores Patient’s Allergic Reaction to Allopurinol, Resulting in Death
  • Boca Aviation v. Proskauer Rose
  • Three SDSBS Attorneys Actively Involved in Helping FJA’s Women’s Caucus
  • Sia Baker-Barnes Describes FSU Law School Experiences in Online Article
  • Florida Trend Magazine Recognizes Attorney Karen Terry as “Legal Elite 2010”
  • FJA Young Lawyers Names Brian Denney to Board of Directors

Of Counsel Volume: 10 No.1
In this Issue:

  • $8 Million Verdict in Boy’s Death as Result of Medical Negligence
  • $1.1 Million Awarded to Young Athlete for Damages in Collision With School Bus
  • Semi-Truck with Two Loaded Trailers Smashes into Vehicle, Crushing Hopes for Bright Future
  • After Son’s Death, Mother Becomes Advocate for Organ Donor Organizations
  • Appellate Court Upholds Multi-Million Dollar Decision Against Walgreens for Negligence
  • Three SDSBS Attorneys Appointed to Court Committees Aiding National Litigation of Birth-Control Pill Claims
  • Attorney Jack Scarola Named ‘Super Lawyer’ in Business Litigation

Of Counsel Volume: 09 No.3
In this Issue:

  • Hospital Ignored Teen’s Hypertension, Causing Permanent Eye Damage and Loss of Both Kidneys
  • $7.8 Million Verdict Against Big Tobacco
  • Bank’s Auditor, Ernst & Young, Ordered to Pay $17.2 Million for Accounting Malpractice
  • Mentally Disabled Young Man Sent to Jail by Hospital Staff with Tragic Results
  • Chris Searcy and Greg Barnhart Named “Lawyers of the Year 2010”
  • SDSBS Attorneys Pursue Justice for Victims of Defective Drugs and Medical Devices
  • Simple Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Burns Cornea and Leaves Woman Blind in One Eye

Of Counsel Volume: 09 No.2
In this Issue:

  • Negligent Security at Apartment Complex Blamed for Visitor’s Violent Death
  • Attorney Brenda Fulmer and daughter Molly lobby for Medical Device Safety Act in Washington, D.C.
  • Statistics Show Medical Malpractice Cases Are Not an Easy Windfall for Plaintiffs
  • Failure to Monitor Oxygen Level During Surgery Results in Permanent Blindness
  • After 42 Years, Kevin Sidaway Finally Found Justice

Of Counsel Volume: 09 No.1
In this Issue:

  • Defective Product Case in New Jersey – Partial Settlement In Excess of Eight Figures
  • Negligence by Hotel and Contractor Causes Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Over $13 Million Awarded for Death Caused by Fuel Truck Collision
  • Searcy Denney Attorneys Tackle Defective Products That Cause Serious Injury or Death
  • Man’s Death in Airline Crash Is Huge Loss for Family, Charities and Community
  • Failure to Record Vital Signs Masks Clues to Deadly Infection Costing Toddler’s Life

Of Counsel Volume: 08 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • $3.9 Million Settlement: School Bus Rams Into Van Causing Severe Spinal Injuries to Firefighter/Coach
  • $1.35 Million Settlement for Damage Resulting from Lack of Monitoring During Surgery
  • $2 Million Settlement for Incompetent Surgeries, Missed Diagnoses, and Delays
  • Mother of Three Dies Needlessly From Undiagnosed Ectopic Pregnancy
  • $823,342 Verdict for Construction Worker Injured by Dumpster
  • Simple Gallbladder Surgery Turns Into A Battle for Life
  • $700,000 Settlement; Traffic Signal Timing Errors Contribute to Pedestrian Fatality
  • Searcy Denney Attorneys Tackle Manufacturers of Life-Threatening Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices That Cause Harm to Many
  • Dangerous Herbal Supplement Damages Liver of Healthy, Active Woman
  • Careless Anesthesia Plan and Negligent Resuscitation Result in Death of Newlywed
  • $1 Million Settlement; High School Student Suffers Brain Injury in Truck-Auto Crash

Of Counsel Volume: 08 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • $6.4 Million Verdict: Negligence Resulting in Permanent Spine Damage During Boating Accident
  • Undue Influence To Disabled Woman In Her Estate Trust Decisions Results in $3.75 Million Settlement
  • Recent studies on roof crush injuries show that proposed industry standards are still inadequate for public safety
  • Chiquita Brands, an American Corporation, Admits Financial Support of Colombian Terrorist Groups
  • Mother and Unborn Child Die in Crash with Commercial Vehicle Resulting in Multi-Million Dollar Settlement
  • Uninsured Driver Hits and Kills Intoxicated Pedestrian; Jury Awards Estate Over $1.75 Million in Damages
  • Florida Legislature Passes Senate Bill 1360, ‘The Pharmacy Technician Act’
  • VerdictSearch publication Lists Four SDSBS Cases in ‘Top 100 Verdicts of 2007’
  • Author Uses SDSBS Case to Show Impact of ‘Morally Hazardous’ Government Policies That Reward Reckless Corporate Behavior

Of Counsel Volume: 08 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • $4.25 Million Settlement for Repeated Failures to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer
  • Permanent Damage Caused by Kava Product
  • Massive Injuries Caused by Huge SUV Speeding in Parking Lot
  • Man’s Death in Horrifying Multi-vehicle Crash Caused by Negligent Driver
  • Protecting Our Precious Children
  • SDSBS firm and attorneys named among the top in area by South Florida Legal Guide

Of Counsel Volume: 07 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • $25.8 Million Verdict Against Walgreens in Prescription Error
  • Florida Settles $10 Million Child Abuse Case
  • Interstate Highway Crash Results in Permanent Injuries
  • Attorney Chris Searcy’s Passion for Justice Achieves $100 Million in Jury Trial Verdicts for Four SDSBS Clients in 2007
  • Software Entrepreneur Settles Breach of Contract Suit Against Tech Company
  • Negligent Delay in Diagnosis Results in Death from Easily Treatable Form of Cancer

Of Counsel Volume: 07 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • Failure to Test for Genetic Disorders Results in Second Child with Severe Birth Defects
  • Defective Seat in SUV Causes Permanent Injuries
  • Young Mother Killed in Crash Caused by Driver Distracted by Cell Phone Call
  • Hospital’s Lack of Timely Care and Proper Treatment Causes Brain Damage
  • Nursing Home Ignores Patient’s End-of-Life Directives and Wishes
  • Product Liability – The Forgotten Child
  • SDSBS Clients Presented with FJA’s “Champion for Justice Award”
  • Vehicle Collision Results in Permanent Spinal Cord Injury to Construction Worker
  • Two SDSBS Attorneys in List of “Top 500 Leading Litigators in America”
  • 12 SDSBS Attorneys Named “Florida Super Lawyers 2007”

Of Counsel Volume: 07 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • Family Awarded $30.6 Million for Crippling Birth Injuries
  • Litigation Updates: – Bausch & Lomb Renu with MoistureLoc – Tobacco Litigation and Recent Florida Supreme Court Decision
  • Veteran’s Retirement Dreams Permanently Smashed by Negligent Tank Truck Driver
  • Worn Tires on Rental Vehicle Cause Severe Injury to Vacationer
  • Holy Cow! Bull Attacks Man
  • Expert Medical Testimony Results in $1 Million Settlement
  • Truckers Hours-of-Service Rule – Update

Of Counsel Volume: 06 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • Seven-Month Delay in Diagnosis Results in Loss of Breast
  • Beware of What You Sign At Your Doctor’s Office
  • Litigation Updates: – Bausch & Lomb Renu with MoistureLoc – Tobacco and the recent Florida Supreme Court decision
  • Known Defects in SUV Cause Tragic Crash
  • Careless Trucker Causes Horrific Crash
  • Doctors Fail to Diagnose and Treat Deadly Infection
  • Lack of Preventive Care by Hospital Staff Results in Elderly Patient’s Fall

Of Counsel Volume: 06 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • Brain Injury Caused By Failure to Provide Timely Medical Care
  • Undetected Problem at Birth Results in Brain Damage
  • Defective Component Is Responsible for Eye Infections
  • Truck Driver’s Failure to Warn Traffic Causes Crash
  • Reconstruction of Fatal Accident Proves Responsibility
  • Unnecessary Use of Force at Birth Damages Newborn
  • Settlement Reached in Botched Thyroid Surgery
  • Chris Searcy, Plaintiff’s Warrior An interview with Of Counsel magazine, a publication that focuses on the legal profession.

Of Counsel Volume: 06 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • Jury Renders $30.6 Million Verdict Against Broward Sheriff’s Office
  • Failure to Diagnose and Treat Infection Leads to Father’s Death
  • Substantial Changes in Neurological Conditions are Ignored, Resulting in Severe Brain Damage
  • Man’s Estate Wins Suit against Kentucky Hospital
  • Despite Catastrophic Injuries, Man’s Indomitable Spirit Inspires All
  • Firm Settles Case for Nearly 20 Times the Policy Limits
  • Young Teen Killed by Driver with Multiple Violations

Of Counsel Volume: 05 No. 4
In this Issue:

  • Roof Crush Defect in SUV Causes Horrific Brain Injury
  • Failure to Replace Protection Barriers Causes Fatality
  • Chain of Medical Mistakes Causes Tragic and Preventable Death from Chicken Pox
  • Negligent Use of IV Causes Damages
  • Defective Camping Heater Causes Two Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Deaths
  • Drunken Driver Causes Injuries for Young Student

Of Counsel Volume: 05 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • SDSBS Teams Up To Win Landmark Victory
  • Ignored Symptoms Cause Woman’s Death
  • Failure by Doctor and Hospital to Provide Proper Evaluation Results in Coma for Young Girl
  • Lack of Road Maintenance and Safety Procedures Results in Deadly Crash
  • Failure By Medical Experts to Detect Massive Aneurysm Results In Death
  • Four SDSBS Attorneys Listed In Top 1.7% in Florida by Florida Trend Magazine

Of Counsel Volume: 05 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • $31 Million For Post- Surgery Infection Cases
  • Crash Death Results in $12.5 Million Verdict
  • The Truth About Health Care Costs
  • Head-On Collision Takes One Life, Leaves Young Woman in Coma
  • Breakdown in Procedures and Failure To Act by Medical Staff Proves Deadly
  • Physician Ignored Medical History and Symptoms, Causing Woman’s Death
  • Five from Firm Selected for ‘Best Lawyers in America’

Of Counsel Volume: 05 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • Greed Blinded Drug Makers
  • Arthritis Medicines and Cardiovascular Events – “House of Coxibs”
  • Vioxx/Bextra Legal Issues
  • Vioxx Dangers Were Well Known

Of Counsel Volume: 04 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • Unreported Chest X-rays Result in Inoperable Cancer
  • Bizarre Chain of Events Results in Woman’s Brain Injury
  • 90 mph Runaway Car Kills Two, Injures Another
  • Misdiagnosed Shunt Malfunction Results in Death
  • Faulty Sea Plane’s Bilge Pump Causes Fatal Crash

Of Counsel Volume: 04 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • Use of Outlawed Forceps Delivery Results in $63 Million Verdict
  • Ignoring Precautions Results in Fatal Crash Moments After Safety Meeting
  • Verdict Rendered Against Doctor “Frozen” in Inactivity
  • Brother and Sister Drowned in Unprotected Pool
  • Error in Anesthesia During Routine Surgery Causes Tragic Results
  • Failure to Monitor Care Results in Amputation for Newborn Twin

Of Counsel Volume: 03 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • Hospital’s Use of Life Threatening Drug Results in Brain Damage for Newborn
  • Plane Crash Kills Three
  • Failed Lasik Surgery Ends in Litigation Success
  • Profoundly Handicapped Woman Awarded Millions for Years of Abuse
  • Recent Changes in Medical Malpractice Law Caps on Damages

Of Counsel Volume: 03 No. 2
In this Issue:

  • Tragic Results for Newborn due to Hospital Miscommunication
  • Prescription Error Causes Devastating Injuries
  • Student Drowns during First Open Water Dive
  • Hospital Acquired Infections… Assumed Risk or a Hospital Hidden Secret
  • String of Errors Leads to Legal Malpractice

Of Counsel Volume: 02 No. 4
In this Issue:

  • Holiday Medicine and Unqualified Doctor Dooms Baby’s Brain
  • Repeated Errors by Doctors in Viewing CT Scan Result in Man’s Death
  • Auto Crash Yields Seven Figure Verdict
  • Hit by Drunk Driver, Woman Suffers Effects
  • Botched Surgery Results in Temporary Blindness

Of Counsel Volume: 02 No. 3
In this Issue:

  • Hospital Disposes of Evidence After Baby’s Death
  • Hotel Fails to Warn Family About Ocean’s Deadly Undertow
  • Man Falls to Death Due to Negligent Construction
  • Man Dies After Emergency Personnels’ Errors
  • Man Dies Because of Doctor’s Lack of Urgency
  • HMO Held Liable for Doctor’s Negligence

Of Counsel Volume: 02 No.2
In this Issue:

  • Kimberly Godwin Claims Bill Passes
  • Doctor Performs Surgery on Woman Without her Consent
  • Woman Expires After Delay in Diagnosis
  • Car Insurer Allegedly Backdates Policy
  • Despite Numerous Doctor Visits, Man Diagnosed with Cancer
  • Insurance Covers Mother for Negligence Causing Brain Injury to her Fetus

Of Counsel Volume: 02 No. 1
In this Issue:

  • Young Boy Suffers Serious Injuries at School Stop Sign
  • Woman Loses Life After Birth of Child
  • Man Becomes Disabled Due to Physician Assistant’s Misdiagnosis
  • Unattended Resident Dies from Fall in Nursing Home
  • Two Major Wins Against Car Insurers

Of Counsel Volume: 01 No.4
In this Issue:

  • Deputy Recovers Insurance Policy Limits After Favorable Judgment
  • Motorcycle Drive Turns Tragic For Newly Married Couple
  • Woman Falls Into Coma After Outpatient Surgery

Of Counsel Volume: 01 No.3
In this Issue:

  • $256 Million Verdict Rendered
  • Leasing Company Found Liable for Young Woman’s Tragedy
  • Builder and Developer Liable For Worker’s Death
  • Doctor Dies After Tooth Infection Ignored
  • Delay in Care Renders Man a Paraplegic

Of Counsel Volume: 01 No.2
In this Issue:

  • $57 Million Settlement for Family’s Loss
  • Jury Awards $3.773 Million for Woman’s Death
  • Car Wash’s Negligence Results in $3 Million Jury Verdict
  • Spring Break Vacation Turns Into Disaster for Dentist
  • Delays in Care Cause Massive Brain Injury to Newborn

Of Counsel Volume: 01 No.1
In this Issue:

  • Woman Suffers Severe Brain Injury After Collision
  • High Speed Chase Ends in Tragedy
  • Parents Decline $22 Million Offer and Win Three Week Trial
  • Large Settlement Procured Despite Insurer’s Attempt to Cap Damages
  • Plane Breaks Up Causing Death of Young Pilot

Of Counsel Volume: 00 No.4
In this Issue:

  • U.S. Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Woman’s Fight Against CSX
  • Pond’s Side Slope Turns Tragic for Six-Year-Old Boy
  • Young Couple Loses Everything As a Result of Botched Surgery
  • Staff Leasing Company Found Liable for Employee’s Injuries
  • Young Man Shows Courage After Misdiagnosis

Of Counsel Volume: 00 No.3
In this Issue:

  • Cosmetic Surgery Results in Coma
  • Mom’s Untimely Death Attributed to Psychiatrist’s Arrogance
  • President Clinton in Palm Beach County
  • Head-On Collision Causes Brain Injury

Of Counsel Volume: 00 No.2
In this Issue:

  • $8 Million Jury Verdict For Profoundly Retarded Woman Raped In Group Home
  • Baby Client Receives Large Settlement Despite State Caps
  • Courts Make Favorable Appellate Rulings

Of Counsel Volume: 00 No.1
In this Issue:

  • Florida Supreme Court Affirms $50 Million Verdict Fot A Cooper City Woman
  • Attorneys Greg Barnhart and David Sales Battle for Client’s Share in Father’s Estate
  • SDSBS Client Featured on CBS Early Show

Of Counsel Volume: 99 No.3
In this Issue:

  • HMO’s Practices Cause Suffering for Entire Family
  • Making Personal Connections
  • Production Shortcuts Cause Increase In Latex Allergies

Of Counsel Volume: 99 No.2
In this Issue:

  • $50 Million Verdict Affirmed by Judges
  • Maintenance Company’s Error Causes Helicopter Disaster
  • Christian Searcy – The Crusader

Of Counsel Volume: 99 No.1
In this Issue:

  • Long Legal Saga of Noel Berk Ends Successfully
  • Early Discharge Results In $6,050,000 Settlement
  • Legislation Limits the Rights of Floridians
  • Punitive Damages — The Cost of Corporate Irresponsibility

Of Counsel Volume: 98 No.3
In this Issue:

  • $3.3 Million Jury Verdict in Commercial Litigation
  • Forged Auto Title Exposes True Liability
  • High Speed Chase Leads to Devastating Injuries

Of Counsel Volume: 98 No.2
In this Issue:

  • Legislature Approves Funds For Injured Infant
  • Toddler Finally Diagnosed On Third ER Visit

Of Counsel Volume: 98 No.1
In this Issue:

  • Doctor Leaves Hospital Nurse Fails To Get Help Tragic Results
  • Tort Reform: Their Portfit vs. Your Safety

Of Counsel Volume: 97 No.3
In this Issue:

  • $50 Million Awarded in Punitive Damages
  • USAir Crash in Charlotte, NC Settlement Reached
  • Sport Utility Vehicle Rollovers Continue to Claim Lives

Of Counsel Volume: 97 No.2
In this Issue:

  • Misdiagnosis and Miscommunication – A Lethal Combination
  • Crushing Injury To Minor Results In Over $2 Million Settlement
  • Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers Reports on State Legislature

Of Counsel Volume: 97 No.1
In this Issue:

  • Woman $25 Million Lawsuit Against GM
  • Firm Involved In Recent Airline Disaster Litigation
  • Crashworthiness Of “Mini Vans”
  • Air Bag Warning!

Of Counsel Volume: 96 No.3
In this Issue:

  • Malpractice Suit Exposes Coverup Following Death Of Wife And Mother
  • $4.25 Million Settlement Reached In Road Safety Defect Case
  • Supreme Court Decision On Defective Medical Devices is Major Victory for American Consumers

Of Counsel Volume: 96 No.2
In this Issue:

  • Physician Incompetence Exposed In $8.25 Million Settlement
  • Overcoming Damage Caps

Of Counsel Volume: 96 No.1
In this Issue:

  • The Leardi Case: A Tragic Manatee County Medical Malpractice Case Settles for $6 Million
  • $2,375,000 Settlement Obtained Despite Vigorous Defense
  • Floridians To Benefit From Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision
  • Update: Landmark Settlement Reached

Of Counsel Volume: 95 No.3
In this Issue:

  • $6.1 Million Verdict In Railroad Death
  • School Bus Tragedy Focuses On The Rights Of The Disabled
  • Jury System Still Works Best for America

Of Counsel Volume: 95 No.2
In this Issue:

  • The Deberry’s Legal Odyssey Concludes With A $7.75 Million Settlement
  • Contaminated Health Food Poisoned Consumers
  • Record-Breaking Verdict Leads To Safer Highways

Of Counsel Volume: Spring 1995

In this Issue:

  • Insurance Firms Sued By Aged Workers And Their Employers In Medicare Paybacks
  • Billy Hungerford: A Profile In Courage
  • Tempest In A Coffee Pot: McDonald’s Hot Coffee Spill Verdict

Of Counsel Volume: Fall 1994

In this Issue:

  • Blinded Woman Recovers $1 Million
  • Settlement Approved By Court In Landmark Discrimination Case
  • Neglect Charged To Humana Doctors

Of Counsel Volume: Summer 1994

In this Issue:

  • Precedent Setting Securities and Accounting Negligence Case is Affirmed
  • Duke Study Vindicates Jury Awards
  • Lawsuits Force Drug Recall

Of Counsel Volume: Spring 1994

In this Issue:

  • Hospital Tragedy Results in Fire Code Revisions
  • Breast Implant Cases Update
  • Prudential Securities Reaches Settlement with SEC

Of Counsel Volume: Winter 1993

In this Issue:

  • Favorable Verdict In Tampa Despite Bad Law
  • Silicone Gel Breast Implant Settlement Imminent