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Herbal Remedies Injuries


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Adverse Affects of Natural Remedies

Americans spend $34 million on herbal remedies every year, despite only one-third of the treatments having been scientifically tested. Many claims made by supplement companies are bogus and cost patients’ money for products that do not work. Worse, some have detrimental health effects. Patients seeking a more natural form of healing may instead ingest harmful chemicals of unknown origin or that have never been tested for safety.

Searcy Denney is a respected medical malpractice law firm in Florida. During the past 40 years since our firm was established we have witnessed the natural supplement market boom. The numbers of injuries has risen with the steep increase in supplement purchases .

Our law firm has the resources and experience to take on big multinational corporations that market and sell dangerous natural products. Our Florida medication error attorneys represent injured patients in class actions and multi-district litigation involving drugs and natural remedies that cause multiple injuries and deaths.

Unregulated Herbal Supplement Industry

That a medicine is “natural” does not mean “weak” or “safe.” The most powerful drugs are derived from nature. Scientists isolate certain components and develop chemical formulations based upon natural forms of the herbal substances.

One of the main differences between a natural supplement and a pharmaceutical is the level of regulation. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must undergo an approval process under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations to market and sell their drugs in the United States. The FDA may also recall drugs deemed unsafe or mandate use of black box warnings to alert consumers about potential health risks associated with the pharmaceutical. No such government oversight is given to natural supplements.

False Marketing of Herbal Products

Supplement manufacturers have a duty to only advertise honest information about their products. Attempts to mislead the consumer are false advertising and are illegal in the United States. Yet, the deception is usually not exposed unless patients suffer fatalities or serious injuries.

A Florida medication error attorney at Searcy Denney can investigate whether your injuries were caused by:

  • Toxic substances in the supplement
  • Ingredients not listed on the label and to which you had an allergic reaction
  • Contamination of the product because of unsterile processing equipment
  • Herbs not sufficiently tested for safety

Dangerous Interactions of Herbal Supplement and Medications

Pharmaceuticals can interact with herbal medications to cause severe reactions. Your doctor and hospital have a duty to advise you about risks of interactions with herbal supplements and other medications. The herbal company also warns you about dangerous drug interactions.

Learn More About Injuries Caused by Natural Remedies

Searcy Denney helps patients injured by natural herbal supplements. For a free injury claim assessment, contact our experienced lawyers at (800) 780-8607. We take your claim on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not charge you attorneys’ fees until we recover compensation on your behalf.

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