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Stryker Hip Lfit V40 Recall

If you received a hip implant in the past 10 years, and believe the product may be manufactured by Stryker, this page contains information on the recalled LFit V40 femoral head and its common placement with the Stryker Accolade femoral stem. It’s imperative to know that if you have been suffering in pain for months or even years, you are not alone and our goal is to help answer your questions.

Our firm has represented hundreds of recalled hip implant patients just like yourself who want to get back to enjoying life. With our experience, we can answer virtually any question you have and guide you through the process. As one of the largest law firms in the country representing victims and not billion dollar corporations, we understand what you have been through and what you face going forward. Our goal is to assist you in not only obtaining a successful outcome but ensuring that you understand the process and to be available whenever you have a question or concern.

What Was the Cause for the LFit V40 Recall?

dissociation hip implant

Orange arrow indicates “dissociation” where the stem has disengaged from the LFit V40 Femoral head

The LFit V40 was predominantly used in hip replacement surgeries from 2002-2012, meaning the number of people affected is in the tens of thousands nationwide. If you or a loved one had a hip implant surgery between the years of 2002 and 2012, then it’s imperative to learn if you’re eligible to take action against the company potentially responsible for your pain and suffering. Bear in mind that Stryker sold more than $9 billion worth of products in 2013 alone.

What Is Happening to Your Hip?

Has your hip replacement caused you complications, such as pain, limited motion, and dislocation? Perhaps you’ve had to undergo revision surgery? If so, you may qualify for compensation. You trusted Stryker Orthopedics to provide a long-term solution for your hip replacement needs. As a result, Stryker should compensate you for their mistake. You should not be responsible for the medical bills, insurance premiums and overall pain and suffering you’ve experienced following a potential revision surgery.

In addition to catastrophic hip failure, the following complications have been known to occur for those patients who were fitted with the LFit V40:

  • Hip dislocation (dissociation)
  • Various hip stem fractures
  • Loss of implant/bone strength
  • Inadequate range of motion
  • Extensive time in surgery

The LFit V40 is an interchangeable ball-like femoral head component used for total hip replacement surgeries and can attach to an assortment of hip stems. The problem lies with taper lock failures on the LFit V40 femoral heads, which, in worst-case scenarios, can break and cause the femoral head to detach from the femoral neck – this is commonly referred to as dissociation. In less severe cases the device can give off metal wear particles which can destroy tissue and cause the need for revision surgery. Both of these failures are related to a single failure mode we have identified.

Symptoms of a recalled hip implant may include:

  • Severe pain, such as bursitis
  • Loss of mobility
  • Metallosis, a poisoning of the body due to metal particles
  • Necrosis of tissue
  • Joint instability

Most recalled hips will require a revision surgery. Ask us about helping you find a qualified doctor to conduct a revision, or learn more about speaking with a doctor in our Video Gallery.

How Many Others Have a Recalled Stryker Hip?

Stryker Orthopedics recently issued a letter to surgeons and health care facilities worldwide indicating that it was “recalling” all L-Fit V40 metal heads manufactured between 2002 and 2012. It is estimated that number to be 44,000 heads. The specific heads recalled include only the 36 mm. and greater size heads with +4 and greater offsets. Our investigation revealed that the catastrophic and metal wear disease failures can occur with non-recalled head sizes and so we are not limiting our prosecution of these cases to the recalled lots.

This recall comes on the heels of Stryker’s recall of thousands of Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants. That recall resulted in thousands of lawsuits, many of which have been successfully resolved through settlement. Our firm filed the first Rejuvenate case in the United States, was appointed by the court to a leadership position in the litigation and ultimately served at the court’s request on the Plaintiffs’ Settlement Negotiating Team.

What We Can Do to Help

Our job at Searcy Denney is to help ensure that you move on from this experience, and achieve a quality of life that doesn’t include pain. We know you are not alone. Because of our experience counseling other hip implant failure victims, we are uniquely qualified to answer your questions and give solid advice regarding your predicament.

With almost 50 years of combined experience protecting consumers against defective medical devices, our attorneys are more than prepared to fight for you. These types of lawsuits tend to become overwhelming with phone calls, medical records, and paperwork. You’ve been through enough—it’s now time to focus on yourself and your recovery. Contact us today by using the contact form, or by calling to speak with one of our lawyers at (800) 780-8607. There is no cost or obligation to speak with a member of our firm. Your conversation with us is confidential and there is no obligation to hire us.

It’s our goal to make this entire process as easy and comfortable as possible. Learn about your rights and remember that time limits do apply, so call us today.

Watch one of our clients tell her real life story of the suffering she has been forced to endure as a result of injuries she suffered from defects in Stryker’s Rejuvenate Hip Implant.

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