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Stryker Hip Implant Litigation

Pioneers in Stryker Hip Implant Litigation

In 2012, the Stryker Corporation, a manufacturer or orthopedic artificial hips and other medical devices, recalled hip models Rejuvenate and ABG II after thousands of patients reported severe failure.

rejuvenate hip implantThe metal-on-metal hips systems are prone to “shredding,” which can cause splinters of metal to pierce the surrounding flesh, enter the bloodstream, and otherwise cause damage to the muscle beyond healing as it is considered necrotic.  As a result, patients often experienced inflammation, pain, disability and infections and were forced to undergo additional surgeries to replace the hip and repair the damage.

As a result, patients often experienced inflammation, pain, disability, and infections and were forced to undergo additional surgeries to replace the hip and repair the damage.

Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley, P.A. recognized these problems before the FDA took action.  Our Stryker hip lawyers began an investigation into the defective products long before the Stryker hips were recalled.  We filed the first lawsuits against the manufacturer to recover damages in Stryker Rejuvenate System and the ABG II failures and still remain on the forefront of the Stryker litigation.

In addition to the Rejuvenate and ABG II systems, Stryker has also had recalls associated with the Sryker Accolade product, and the Stryker LFit V40 components which was predominantly used in hip surgeries from 2002-2012.

Our Stryker Litigation Team

Founded in 1979, Searcy Denney is a well-regarded injury litigation law firm based in Florida and representing Americans affected by the defective medical devices in all 50 states, and our Stryker hip lawyers file claims on behalf of clients located across the country.  Because of the substantial numbers of victims, the courts have consolidated proceedings into multidistrict litigation (MDL) in New Jersey — the state where the defendant is domiciled.  Searcy Denney has filed more than 150 of the nearly 900 lawsuits filed in the New Jersey federal court against the Stryker company.

Our Stryker hip implant lawyers offer patients and their families effective representation that includes:

  • Steering committee member — Because of his substantial knowledge about Stryker, Searcy Denny lawyer Calvin “Cal” Warriner has been named to the MDL steering committee.  In this role, Cal makes vital decisions pertaining to the Stryker trials, including discovery, procedures, timing and bellwether cases that affect the entire course of litigation against the company.
  • Experienced counsel — Cal Warriner and other members of our firm have been involved in the Stryker investigation since 2010 and we remain on top of new research about the hip prosthetics.  We have emerged as leaders in the fight for justice for injured Stryker patients.
  • Resources to handle mass tort litigation — Success in MDL and mass tort litigation requires sophisticated strategies and meticulous organization.  Our law firm’s Mass Tort Unit has the resources and experience necessary to reach the best possible outcome for each of our clients.
  • Team approach to every case — Our firm is comprised of more than 30 seasoned lawyers, more than a dozen paralegals, investigators and other support staff.  We have access to doctors, medical experts, economists and other professionals who assist us in building a strong case.
  • Client respect and attention — Searcy Denney makes keeping in contact with clients a priority.  We recognize that patients endure pain, disability and multiple surgeries as a result of the defective hip implant and we realize how important Stryker litigation is to injured patients and their families.  Our firm provides regular updates to each client about case status and is always available to answer questions and listen to concerns.

How do I know if I have a Stryker Hip Implant?

In most cases, many patients are unsure of what kind of hip implant make and model they have. In some instances doctors mailed letters to individuals notifying them of the recall, however, this did not take place nationwide.

Hip pain and other pains associated with an artificial joint are common and can be expected.  If you are in severe pain, or if you have experienced disassociation (components of the hip have failed resulting in immobility), visit your doctor at once so they can determine if you will need revision surgery. After speaking with your doctor, call one of our lawyers and we can assist with your legal questions. There is no charge to speak with one of our Stryker recall lawyers and the consultation is 100% confidential.

The artificial joint you elected to recieve was supposed to be tested to last you decades. Instead it is believe that several manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip implants did not thoroughly test their products resulting in premature failure and severe, unnecessary pain for thousands of Americans. This was not supposed to happen. Contact our firm today to learn more about your legal rights today. Time limits do apply.

Learn More About How Our Stryker Hip Lawyers Can Help

Consult with leaders in the Stryker hip litigation about recovering damages for injuries you sustained because of implantation of the defective hip.  Call Searcy Denney at 800.780.8607 or contact our firm online to schedule a free no-obligation consultation with our experienced Florida Stryker hip lawyers.

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Watch one of our clients tell her real-life story of the suffering she has been forced to endure as a result of injuries she suffered from defects in Stryker’s Rejuvenate Hip Implant.

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