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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Attorneys

Searcy Denney intellectual property lawyers can protect you when someone steals your ideas.

As competition increases in our global economy, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs are increasingly vulnerable to theft of their intellectual property.

Your ideas and work products can be lost to companies eager to profit from your labor and creativity.

If you hold a patent on an invention or other innovation, or a copyright or trademark to any product or process, you may have the legal right to prevent others from making money from these without your permission. If, for example, a large corporation discovers an idea created by you and unjustly appropriates that idea for its own purposes and profit, then you may need an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law.

Has your innovation been stolen or misused? Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Florida IP lawyer.

The attorneys at Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, PA. have the experience, resources, and litigation skills to defend you or a loved one against the theft or misuse of your ideas or inventions. Please fill out our Contact Form, or call us to learn more and arrange for a confidential free consultation.

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